Quantum is the world’s most advanced electric space heater.  It uses low-cost, off-peak energy, making it the most economical electric heating system on the market today and the ideal replacement for out-dated storage heaters.

  Quantum is up to 27% cheaper to run and uses up to 22% less energy than a standard storage heater system.*

  Exceptional levels of insulation mean that Quantum will store energy up during periods of low demand, turning it into efficient heat only when you need it.

  Quantum is also up to 47% cheaper to run than an electric convector or radiator system.*

  Through its use of a sophisticated self-learning algorithm, the iQ controller is able to take just the right amount of heat to match your lifestyle and the changing climate conditions, intuitively and precisely.

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  Quantum is fitted with our revolutionary iQ controller^ so you can pre-set your heating requirements – just like central heating.

  As a sign of our commitment to quality, each Quantum heater is guaranteed for 10 years.

  Manual adjustment  is also simple via its easy-to-read LCD display and user-friendly low torque rotary knob, designed with the visually impaired in mind.

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* Calculated using SAP 2012 – the only Government approved energy performance assessment method.
† Terms and conditions apply.  Product must have been installed in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. Click here for full details.
^ Patent applied for.

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